Gain New Skills While Achieving Fitness Goals

As a martial art that focuses on overcoming strength with skill, BJJ is a perfect fit for women who are interested in learning how to effectively defend themselves from the countless potential dangers present in today’s society.

The Gracie Barra Women’s Program combines a comprehensive self-defense curriculum with emphasis on drills that simulate realistic attacks and escape situations.

The techniques are complemented by a strong fitness component that is second to none compared to classes offered in your standard workout centers.

More Than a Class — A Community

Our self-defense classes go above and beyond our standard Gracie Barra martial arts classes. We include courses specifically tailored for women’s self defense, BJJ conditioning, and a variety of social events to create a strong bond between the members of the “Gracie Barra Pink Team.” You aren’t just learning to defend yourself; you’re joining a community of other powerful women that you can count on to have your back.

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